Timo Heiny



Life is a collection of moments.

It is the mystical idea from the beginning of humans, an original relationship between human and nature, which Timo always searched for with his camera.

Welcome to his journey to the last tribes of east Africa.

Samburu, Kenya

The fascinating life of the Samburu tribe

Let Africa's heart speak to you.

My Africa presents a visual odyssey that transcends words. A heartfelt tribute to the spirit of Africa’s indigenous peoples, this collection captures not just portraits but the very essence of a rich tapestry of cultures that beats at the heart of the continent.

Unveiling Africa: A Visual Odyssey

Embark on a captivating journey through Africa as you’ve never seen before. Each photograph paints a thousand words, capturing the soul, essence, and vibrancy of the continent’s indigenous communities.

Timo Heiny

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Residing in the arid landscapes of northern Namibia, the Himba people are a testament to resilience, culture, and tradition in the face of modernity. Recognizable for their distinctive red-ochre body paint and intricate hairstyles, the Himba have maintained a semi-nomadic pastoral lifestyle for centuries. These practices tie them deeply to the land—relying on the harsh environment to herd cattle, their primary source of livelihood.

Central to Himba identity is their unique attire and adornment, reflecting age, social status, and familial ties. Women, in particular, are known for applying a mixture of butterfat, ochre, and herbs to their skin, giving it a reddish hue and offering protection against the scorching sun and insect bites.

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